A horseshoe magnet over a white backgroundIt’s a fact, you need marketing to have a successful business. Any business owner can begin to attract more customers and clients on a consistent basis if they apply the most basic principles of marketing. Most business owners would agree that marketing is necessary to achieve success and grow your business. However, there are some who may argue why “magnetic” or “compelling” marketing is better or even necessary. There are those who may believe, any marketing that gets your message out there is better than nothing. However, I beg to differ. There are many advantages of magnetic marketing versus run of the mill, ordinary marketing. The term magnetic implies drawing your prospects toward you versus you having to constantly chase them. There is something that is very attractive about being sought after, searched for and chased. Below, I’ve listed a few benefits that magnetic marketing has over ordinary marketing.

1. Magnetic marketing grabs attention instantly. When properly positioned, magnetic marketing will instantly make your prospects sit up and take notice.  Magnetic marketing grabs attention with a call-to-action that makes people want to act now and fast. Magnetic marketing give people a reason to want to learn or hear more. Often times, people want more because magnetic marketing solves a problem or addresses a need.

2. Magnetic marketing is irresistible. Think of the person, place or thing that is simply irresistible to you. Chances are you get weak in the knees when you think of it right? Yes, of course. That’s because it spurs an emotional connection for you. Magnetic marketing does the same thing. It draws your customers toward you with compelling language that sparks an emotion or feeling.

3. Magnetic marketing positions a purchase. Have you ever seen a commercial or read an advertisement that told you what to buy, where to buy and how to buy in an easy to understand format? Magnetic marketing gives you clear and defined directions about how to purchase the product or service you are searching for. Magnetic marketing is never confusing or overwhelming. A magnetic offer will simply give you the best deal for the product or service you seek and entice you to make a purchase that you can’t refuse.

Understanding what magnetic marketing can do for you is the difference between ordinary results and magnetic results. Marketing is simply providing value and solutions to people in your target audience who are looking for what you have to offer. So with that said, why not entice them with magnetic marketing?

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