5 Principles for Effective On-Line Advertising Campaigns

///5 Principles for Effective On-Line Advertising Campaigns

The market is saturated with advertising messages on every medium whether on-line or off-line. Most small business owners understand the importance of advertising on line. However, many don’t understand how to create an effective on line campaign that produces a measureable return on their investment.

Whether you need to build, enhance or optimize your company’s marketing efforts, you must know the core principles for creating effective on line advertising campaigns. Below are listed several of the key principles for creating an effective on line campaign.


Determine the goal of the campaign

The campaign needs a favored outcome to work towards. Having a defined goal will serve you well in order to determine the success of your campaign. You must decide what the most desired outcome will be at the end of the campaign. Once you’ve decided the ultimate goal, it’s up to you to create the action steps you need to text that will lead to the outcome you desire. For example, if you want people to call your office to make an appointment, your advertising must give a strong reason for them  to pick up the phone and dial. Whatever you decide is the most favored outcome, make sure that everything you do points back to the original goal that you had in mind.


Identify the target market

All advertising and marketing campaigns should begin by determining who it is intended to reach. After you have identified the group of people that the advertising will target, and then you can determine what you want them to know. Additionally, once you know basic demographics beyond age, sex and gender,  you should dive into psycho-graphics i.e., buying habits and personality characteristics and income. This sort of information clues you into the personal characteristics of your prospects that will enable you to market to them more effectively.



Define the core message

The next most important thing after determining your target market, is determining what you want these people to know. The message you convey in your advertising campaign will determine the success of failure of your efforts. In defining the message that you need the target market to know, you must address a specific problem or issue that resonates with them, as well as offer a solution for it. Supplementing the core message with a directive is next.


Create a Strong call to action

After you have formulated your core messaging, you will need your target market to take an action. In order for the people in your target market to respond, you must direct them to do so with a captivating call-to-action (CTA). If your CTA is strong enough, you will get a response with your message. It’s important to note that a call to action will vary in intensity based upon what you are advertising. However, whatever action you want potential consumers to take, it must be appealing, captivating and include a time element.


Develop benchmarks to measure success

In order to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, you will need benchmarks to determine its success. Benchmarks allow you to test and tweak your advertising methods, messages, images, advertising mediums and so much more. The truth is, sometimes you simply do not know what will work until you try it. After you test and measure various advertising methods, you must determine the benchmarks you need to evaluate your performance. For example: if you’re doing a 6 week ad campaign, what results do you want to see at the mid-way point? If you haven’t seen any results at the mid-way point, it’s time to analyze the entire campaign and make adjustments where necessary.


The bottom-line is that on-line advertising is not an exact science. There is no single proven formula to ensure that your advertising campaign will work. However, if you follow the steps outlined above, you’ll stand a better chance of having predictable success with your on-line marketing and efforts.


Have you had major success from your on-line advertising efforts? What did you do? How did it work? I would love to hear how you achieved success. Do share. Leave me a comment below.



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