5 Ways to Ensure Customer Loyalty & Engagement

///5 Ways to Ensure Customer Loyalty & Engagement


In today’s marketplace, with so many competitors in any given industry, it’s challenging to get customers to be loyal as well as enthusiastic about your products and services. The ability to maintain a high level customer satisfaction and retention is something most companies strive to do on a regular basis. There are a few ways you can make the process flow a little simpler and easier. Below I’ve listed 5 ways you can ensure your clients remain loyal and consistently choose your brand over the competition.


  1. Offer Customer Help Lines or Help Desk.

The business climate we live in has made it a basic offering to provide a hotline or helpline to answer customer inquiries for 24 hours or for extended evening hours at a minimum. Many small businesses today offer on-line support via a chat representative or an answering service to take emergency calls or provide trouble shooting to customers. Offering a help lines or the ability for your clients to reach someone in your company to answer questions, will provide a level of service that most small businesses do not have.

  1. Provide surveys to get customer opinions.

One of the best ways to find out what your clients think of your business is to simply ask them. Providing surveys whether they are filled out anonymous or require a name and contact information, gives the customer a platform to provide feedback. Many times your target audience is eager to give suggestions and input because it makes them feel more like a stakeholder in the business.

  1. Take Complaints Seriously

It’s unfortunate, but complaints do happen, and when they do, it’s important to take them seriously. Do not discount or devalue your client complaints. Be sure to listen objectively and patiently to anyone who complains. Also, make sure you let the client know that you appreciate the fact that they were honest enough to express displeasure because it helps you to improve. When people feel as if their complaint is taken seriously, they are more likely to exercise the benefit of the doubt and give you another chance to make it right.  Handling complaints in the right manner can turn into a great opportunity to earn a new fan.

  1. Be Accessible

There is nothing like being available and accessible to your customers especially during your stated business hours. Of course there are times when your business is closed and your clients must respect that. However, if your clients can not reach you during business hours because there is never a live person to take a phone call, or your answering service is on call 24 hours a day, your customers may get frustrated and call someone else, like your competition. When you are accessible to your customer base, it assures them that you are professional and available for business.

  1. Exceed Expectations

It goes without saying that when you go above and beyond in business, it increases your value and popularity with your customers. People like to feel important when they are spending money on anything of value. That said, making the buying experience superior and incredible is going to ensure you increase customer loyalty and engagement.

The bottom line is simply if you provide customers with SATISFACTION, your business will grow in POPULARITY because people have a deep APPRECIATION for great customer service. And, your small business is more likely to have customer RETENTION and experience higher ENGAGEMENT.

If you utilize the above best practices, you will definitely ensure that your clients remain loyal and engage with your brand more often.


Now I’d like to hear from you. What have you done to keep your customers coming back again and again? Leave your comments below.


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