How to Sell Beyond the Sale in 3 Easy Steps

///How to Sell Beyond the Sale in 3 Easy Steps


If you’re in business you’re charged with selling something on a daily or weekly basis to meet your revenue goals. There are times when the sales cycle may be 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 months, and either way in order to close the deal; you must be able to sell beyond the present sale, in more ways than one. Allow me to explain using a personal story of a purchase I made years ago.

A few years ago I decided to get a door and a few windows replaced in my home. The salesman with the door company was very astute in selling their energy efficient doors and windows. As the salesman gave me the quote for the new materials, he reminded me that I had several problems with my old door and windows. The problems were: leaking water when it rained, drafty windows that were not energy efficient and dull cracking paint. A part of his sales pitch was that the new door was energy efficient which would help me save on my power bill, and that I could qualify for a tax break for upgrading my home, also the new door and windows were more functional as well as better designed which improved the look and design of my home. All of the things that the sales guy pointed out were selling features of their product but also translated into benefits for me the buyer. Can you see how this sales guy sold beyond the sale? He gave me benefits that translated into savings for me. He sold beyond just the door and windows, he demonstrated the value and benefit to me the buyer. On top of that, he offered me a warranty and maintenance plan if I wanted to protect my purchase in the future.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how well you’re able to pitch and or converse about your product or service, you must recognize that you’re NOT just selling your product or service. You must sell what comes after the sale. What is next for the customer? What advantages does your product or service provide for them? Additionally, when you make a sale of one item on a particular day, you’re not just selling for that day; you must also sell for the future. What else does that customer need down the road that you can offer? Do you see what I mean by selling beyond the sale?

Considering the two propositions I just introduced, I’d like to offer three powerful tips for how to master selling beyond the “current sale or deal” on the table as well as selling for future circumstances.

1. Define the painpoint.
When you identify a true painpoint that the customer is experiencing and why they need to do something about it right now, nine times out of ten they usually will convince themselves. However, many times, even if people are in need, they will procrastinate when it comes to spending money they do not particularly want to spend. It’s your job to show them why the situation is urgent and requires them to take immediate action.

2. Discover the cost of the problem.
Often times when people have problems, they have not taken the time to add up what it is costing them. Some people would rather be oblivious to the cost of the problem so that their inaction is less painful. However, it’s your job as the seller to help the client see that their inaction is hurting them. Additionally, it stands to reason that when a problem exists the situations persists. And typically, problems that persist indefinitely are usually more expensive than problems that are caught early on.

3. Identify the impact of the problem versus solution.
Many times people need to look at the disadvantages of a problem versus the advantages of a solution side by side before they can make a decision. When you force the prospect to take a hard look at impact of the problem; meaning the potential loss of revenue or impact they will suffer if a decision is not made…that is usually a good reminder to take action. On the opposite end of the spectrum, showing someone the advantages of no longer having to deal with the negative repercussions of a problem they have is also a great way of helping them to take action. This way, you’re helping the client to see what the future would be like if they invested in the product or service you’re selling.

As you can see, when you go beyond just selling what’s in front of you at the moment and sell the features and benefits as well as advantages of a particular thing, it helps you to have a better chance of closing the deal.

Now I’d like to hear from you. What’s your opinion about ways to sell beyond the sale to ensure sales success?

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