Sales is not a bad word and selling isn’t sleazy!

///Sales is not a bad word and selling isn’t sleazy!


For business owners, sales is either considered a necessary evil or necessary proposition. Either way, most people would probably agree sales is very necessary to have any type of business at all. If I asked 100 business owners, “what is the most important aspect of your business?” I would bet that all 100 would say their sales or incoming revenue. The reason is simply because, without sales you simply don’t have a business. Sales are the most critical aspect of any successful business.

In order to build your business, grow your business and leverage your business for success, you must sell your products and services on a consistent basis. However, many small business owners and particularly micro business owners or solo- entrepreneurs fail to make the connection that the sales mastery equals a successful and profitable business.

There are even some business owners who frankly admit that they are uncomfortable with selling. The way I see it, if you’re a business owner, you’re also a salesperson. That said, you must learn to embrace sales as a necessary part of doing business and learn the best ways to master the sales process. The first step is to simply acknowledge that a sale is not a bad word and selling isn’t sleazy.


Let’s look at 3 popular myths about selling and the sales process.


  1. Sales is about taking advantage of people.
  2. To be great at selling you must be dishonest or sleazy.
  3. Sales people only care about the money.


Now let’s look at myth busters to address these myths about sales.


  1. Sales is about solving problems for people who need help.
  2. In order to be great at selling you must be authentic and care about people.
  3. The best sales people care about helping people first and money second.


Here are 3 big ideas that I would like you to keep in mind about sales.


  1. Your money story determines your mentality about sales.


The relationship that you have with money has everything to do with your perspective about sales. If you have a healthy relationship with money, you are likely to be more successful in the sales process. On the contrary, if you have an unhealthy relationship with money, you may not be very good with the sales process. Your relationship with money begins with your childhood and spans through your adult life. If you grew up in a household where there was never enough money, your outlook about money may be that it’s hard to come by. However, if you grew up in a household where money was plentiful, your outlook about money may be that it’s easy to get. These two different money relationships produce a cause and effect scenario where one person is likely to have a “lack or scarcity mindset” about money and the other person is likely to have a “abundance or plenty mindset” about money.


Your money story will play a role in how you sell. If you have a scarcity mindset you are probably more prone to price your offerings lower than market rate or offer discounts. If you have an abundance mindset you are more prone to price your offerings at or above market value and resist the option to discount your rate.


  1. Your integrity or lack thereof will be the biggest influence to your sales success or demise.


People buy from those they know, like and trust.  The two biggest mistakes you can make in a sales situation are: being dishonest and breaking a promise. In both scenarios, your credibility is ruined. Once you have lost the trust of your prospect or potential client, you have likely lost the sale. Being authentic, trustworthy and reliable are character traits of great salespeople. If you want to be successful at selling, do yourself and your customers a favor, always be 100% honest and real, no matter what.


  1. Your willingness to help people solve problems will help you sell more.


Solving problems for people will help you get paid faster and quicker. Most folks that are aware that they have a problem are willing to pay for a solution to fix it. Every great salesperson knows that the art of selling is not about persuading someone to buy something just to make money; but more importantly creating the environment where they convince themselves they need it because the item for sale is the right answer for their problem or situation.  When you are masterful at showing your prospect that your product or service is the best solution to address their needs, you have done them a big favor and great service. And there’s absolutely nothing sleazy about helping someone in need. As a matter of fact, the you’d be sleazy if you didn’t.


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