8-Week Virtual Training Class for Trailblazing Entrepreneurs

Who is this program for?

  • Solo-entrepreneurs, service-based professionals, product inventors, authors, consultants, micro business owners and small business owners.
  • Business owners who are eager to create a system for getting new clients consistently in your business.
  • Business owners who do not have a marketing plan or methodology for promoting their brand to the marketplace.
  • Business owners who are stuck in one or more areas of their business and don’t know what to do next.
  • You want to learn best practices and magnetic marketing strategies to help you market your specific product or service in a more effective manner.
  • Business owners who are launching a new business.
  • Business owners who want to grow an existing business.
  • What will you leave this program with?
  • Imagine feeling focused, organized, assured, secure, prepared & empowered about presenting your business in a way that is going to get you noticed, get you more clients and make you more money! Feels good doesn’t it?

Weekly Modules that cover Key Marketing Strategies that will get you unstuck and accelerate your growth.

  1. How to Make Marketing a Priority.
  2. Results, benefits & Your unique sales proposition
  3. Discovering & Defining Your Ideal Client Profile
  4. Packaging your Products/Services and Creating a Profit Plan
  5. How to Elevate Your Fame & Become known as an Expert
  6. Constructing Your Marketing Wheel (Your DIY Marketing Plan).
  7. Focus on Monetizing your Marketing and Creating Profit Streams that are as simple as turning conversations into cash.
  8. Helping you to sell more easily & effortlessly and creating a MONEY MAP to help you get results.

Wrap up: We end the training with Your 90 Action Plan for Success. This will be your launching pad to keep you moving in the right direction.

You will received a detailed action plan to show you what to do and when. This action plan will be your road map that will get you past your current struggle and onto the road of marketing success.


  1.  Marketing Strategies that will enhance your time management skills and give you clarity and focus. After all, you can’t accomplish much if you don’t have the time to do it!
  2. Clarity about your direction! This is huge! When we are clear in our objectives and intentions, you’re in the position of control.
  3. A Checklist with a concise itemization of marketing priorities that will make your day planning a breeze! No more random marketing!
  4. An implementation strategy that will allow you make the changes we identify that are necessary for success!
  5. A Strategic Marketing Plan to begin implementing right away!
  6. A sense of accomplishment! After 8 weeks together, you will have a plan… feel focused, empowered and more productive.
  7. Plus you will be in a position to, get more clients, gain brand visibility and make more money!
  8. Templates, Tools, Resources and Assignments that force you to tackle what’s most critical.

Are you ready to get the same results that tons of other entrepreneurs have already achieved?

Rave Reviews

After working with Lori, I got 12 new clients within 30 days just by implementing a few of the strategies she teaches. She’s an awesome coach and really cares about her clients. The Marketing For Trailblazers Bootcamp is definitely worth the investment.
Sharon Mathis, CEO, Insurance Associates Atlanta
Working with Lori has really helped me to get focused on a plan of success for my business. Before I started working with Lori I didn’t have  any idea how to magnetically position my company to prospective clients and the marketing plan I had wasn’t working. After the Marketing For Trailblazers Bootcamp, I now feel confident about presenting my business to new clients and I have an effective marketing plan. This bootcamp gave me the  framework and necessary marketing tools which have resulted in incremental sales for my company.
Before taking the Marketing for Trailblazers Boot camp, we did not have a marketing plan/strategy in place.  Lori’s class gave us tools that we could use to develop these plans to move our company forward and grow.  The class materials provide thought-provoking concepts that I will refer back to as we continue to broaden our marketing efforts.  Lori’s training style combines the right blend of coaching and accountability to ensure that we understand the concepts that were being taught.  I recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a good introduction to marketing and wants to bring more customers to their front door.
Theresa Conklin, Owner, Pinnacle Custom Signs

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