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Helping Business Owners to EMERGE, EXCEL and ELEVATE to trailblazing success.

Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! I am completely thrilled that you have taken the first step toward getting the help you need to grow your business. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that means you are not here by accident. If you are ready to emerge (build), excel (expand) and elevate (be epic) to create the life and business you’ve always wanted, you’re in the right place. Like many other passionate, talented and determined entrepreneurs who have taken my programs, you will soon come to understand that I believe your success is my success. I am uniquely gifted to bring out the “trailblazer” in you and show you how to serve your true calling and operate a business you love.

If you’re like me, when I started my business I was frustrated, confused and didn’t know what to do after I formed my LLC to get clients consistently. As a career marketing and sales professional, I knew that if I was having a tough time so were others who didn’t have my training.  I learned a lot by trial and error. The shocking revelation that I had about owning my own business was:  “I didn’t know, what I didn’t know!” So I started to research entrepreneurs who were wildly successful and I hired a few to show me the ropes. After spending thousands and thousands of dollars getting the training that I needed in entrepreneurship, I set out to help others SHORTEN THEIR LEARNING CURVE.

Where are you in your business?

Check out the profiles and chart below to see which one resonates with you most.

As a new company or entrepreneur, you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business less than 3 years. You’re making less than $75K annually. You need to get going,  build your brand, build your clientele and get a steady stream of income and revenue. You make less than you want to and you know it’s time for you to create and build the successful business you were meant to have. You need a strong foundation so you can be in a position for rapid growth. Let us show you how to build and grow.
As an entrepreneur or company, your business is doing good and possibly thriving. In this phase you have steady customers and you’re making good money…just not as much as you’re capable of, probably because you’re overwhelmed.  You know that, in order to stand above the competition, expand your footprint and have not just your dream business but your dream life, you must re-visit or re-create new profit areas, hone your business model and perfect your systems for success.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small business CEO, it’s time to create higher profit margins and enlarge your territory and that’s exactly where we come in. You’re ready for fast track results. Let us help you expand your business so you get to the next level of success in less time.
As an entrepreneur or company to advance your results and solidify your reputation as a leader in your industry, you must stay far ahead of the curve. You’re already making 6 figures (plus) and your ready to leverage your success. You’re running a successful business but you’re wondering what’s next? You want to expand and leverage your success. You are ready to blaze a path for others to follow. You want to play much bigger game and create a lasting legacy. Let us help you create a lasting LEGACY that create EPIC results.

What I know is that while you are building your business you may feel unsure about what the next steps should be and best practices to help you achieve your business goals. Do you have questions similar to the ones listed below?

  • What steps should I take to grow my business? What do I do first?
  • What am I doing wrong and why don’t I have enough clients?
  • How can I create more leverage in my business?
  • Am I really cut out to be an entrepreneur?
  • How do I stop the “Google It” syndrome and actually learn proven strategies to grow my business?
  • When will I be able to show a real profit in my business?
  • How do I determine if my business is scalable?
  • How can I be accountable to my goals?
  • When will my brand become well known and stop being the best kept secret?
  • How do I take my business to the next level and maintain positive cash flow?

If you have these questions, you’re in the right place. The solution is at your fingertips.

The Trailblazer Business Academy is perfect for you if:

  • You have a burning desire to take massive action and increase your income within the next year.
  • You want to attract the right type of clients to your business so that you can create leverage in your business.
  • You are motivated and excited about the possibility of what lies ahead.
  • You are ready to take a no- excuses, action-packed, approach and do what it takes to succeed.
  • You know that in your heart, mind and every fiber of your being that you are destined for greatness.

The Trailblazer Academy Program is not for you if:

  • You have difficulty honoring commitments that you make to yourself and others.

  • You have a tendency to blame others or become negative when you don’t get the results you want.
  • You are not ready to get serious about growing your business.
  • You already know what you need to do but you’re just not doing it.
  • You are not ready to take action.

So how do you know if you’re ready to move forward?

  • Quite simply you’ve decided that NOW IS THE TIME. Your decision has been made and there is no turning back. You know you need a solid foundation for your business.
  • You’re ready to create more leverage in your business so you can work less and make more.
  • You’re ready to laser focus on how to monetize your mission, vision, income streams, your products, programs and services.
  • You’re ready to stop making excuses and understand that its time to crank it up and go for it.
  • You’re not going to let FEAR prevent you from sharing your gift with the world.
  • You want to learn the process and plan it will take so that you attract the right ideal clients and customers to your business.
  • You know in the bottom of your heart and the pit of your stomach that this is what you are supposed to be doing.
To put it bluntly, YOU ARE PLAIN READY!

Check out the 3 LEVELS of the Trailblazer Business Academy Coaching…

Ready to Build/Emerge Ready to Excel/Expand Ready to Elevate/Be Epic
Who you are:
In this phase you are just starting out or in business less than 5 years and you need to build your brand, build your clientele and get a steady stream of income. You make less than you want to and you know it’s time for you to create and build the successful business you were meant to have. In this phase you have clients and you’re making money. Sometimes you wish you could create a mini-me version of yourself because you can’t always keep up. You’re working long hours and wish you had more help so you could actually enjoy your life a little. You’re ready for fast track results. You’re a super smart, savvy small business owner and enjoy a great life. You actually have a team of people who depend on you. You’re running a successful business but you’re wondering what’s next? You want to expand and leverage your success. You are ready to blaze a path for others to follow. You want to play much bigger and create a legacy.
Your issues tend to be:
You are very passionate about what you’re doing. You’re pretty certain that it’s your destiny and calling. You are not quite sure what you should be doing to grow your business. You want to grow your business to the next level.  While you have built a brand and marketing strategies in place, it’s random. You do not have a written plan or strategy to ensure results. You’re not really operating your business like a corporation because some pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit quite right. You’re still doing the day to day grind and not functioning like a CEO.
What you need most right now:
Your biggest need right now is getting more clients.

You also need systems, and step-by-step guides to show you what to do and when. You need to get clear on who your ideal client is and how you can help more people.

It’s time to change how you manage and operate your business. It’s time to create a vision and comprehensive approach to your marketing. You need systems to be more efficient. You need to create more passive, more profit centers and accelerate your results. It’s time you address the organizational structure and mindset shifts that are keeping you from having a bigger impact. You need to hire the right people and delegate tasks. You need to scale your business model so less depends on you.
The solution for you:
EMERGE: Ruby Level Mastermind
Program length: 6 months or 12 months for Mastermind
*Application required
EXCEL: Emerald Level Mastermind
Program length:6 months or 12 months for Mastermind
*Application required
VIP Coaching Day Series
Program length: Series of VIP days (unlimited)
*Application required

*The VIP Coaching Days & Mastermind programs require a completed application prior to enrollment. This is required to ensure that the program you have selected is the best fit to help you achieve optimal results.

What clients are saying

After just one week in the Trailblazer Business Academy,  Lori encouraged me to raise my prices and helped me create a high-end service offering for my clientele. Using Lori’s client magnetic messaging formula, I was able to close my first sale of $6,000 in one week. For the first time,  I could actually see myself reaching my revenue goals for the year with Lori’s help. I am so happy to be enrolled in this mastermind program because I am growing my business faster than anticipated. The Trailblazer Business Academy is perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to make more money and get results. If your goal is to make more money in your business, I highly recommend you hire Lori as your sales and marketing coach. I’m certainly glad I did.
Shannon Baig, Shannon Baig Interiors
After working with Lori, I got 12 new clients within 30 days just by implementing a few of the strategies she teaches. She’s an awesome coach and really cares about her clients. Working with Lori is definitely worth the investment.
Sharon Mathis, CEO, Insurance Associates Atlanta
I saw immediate benefits from working with Lori that gave me the traction I needed to get my business in growth mode. As an author and poet, I was ready to grow my business, but had no idea where to start. When I recommend people to Lori, I say ‘run, don’t walk.’ If you need a clear and easy to follow marketing plan that will get you results, go with Lori. She breaks it down to manageable and simple steps that you can use in your business. Lori has some amazing resources and is really connected. She will help you elevate your business in no time flat.
Kim Jonquille Hodge, Author

Here are the benefits of joining the Trailblazer Academy Coaching Program

  • You learn proven and powerful strategies to elevate your business toward your ultimate revenue goals.
  • You are a part of a mastermind community that is committed to your success.
  • You have plan of action for your trailblazing success.
  • You have support and accountability to help you meet your goals.
  • You get the benefit of immediate feedback, support and perspectives for all of your ideas, plans and projects.
  • Your  group can bring resources, connections and collaborations to the table that you may not have had on your own.
  • You building lasting relationships and receive accountability that pushes you toward achieving your goals faster.
  • You have a coach who is committed to your growth and business development.

Ready to sign up? Contact us to schedule an intro call to see if you qualify. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

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