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PREPARE FOR PROFITABILITY by learning how to make your sales cycle predictable.

  • Understanding the sales is vitally important for success in business, as it allows entrepreneurs to effectively navigate the process of converting prospects into paying customers.
  • Entrepreneurs must be aware of the key stages of the sales cycle as well as how to navigate them to optimize their strategies and achieve sustainable growth in their business ventures.
  • Entrepreneurs must understand how to create irresistible offers for their target audience that sets them apart from their competition and allows them to have predictable and repeatable sales.

Attend this webinar and get Dr. Lori’s proven sales framework to master the sales cycle which is essential for business success and become knowledgeable about its intricacies in the current environment. Set yourself up for success so you can soar and succeed in any economy.


Who are QMC Group events and special offers for?

  • Purpose and passion-driven, entrepreneurs who know they are called for greatness to change the world using their gifts, talents, and skills.
  • Uncompromising, passionate, and dedicated entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving their goals, GROW THEIR BUSINESSES, and level up!
  • Leaders, Consultants, coaches, authors, trainers, speakers, service providers, inventors, service-based entrepreneurs, product-based entrepreneurs, career professionals with a side hustle, and ANY work-from-home, professionals ready and willing to take massive action to win BIG!

What type of entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders are best suited to attend our events?

The common denominator shared by all of the entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and small business owners who attend QMC Group events (hosted by Dr. Lori A. Manns, is that they are success-oriented, growth-mindset people who want to make a difference in their chosen industry or niche.  These business owners and professionals are talented trailblazers and use their gifts, skills, and talents to make an impact in the world. All of the traits and characteristics mentioned, also apply to the entrepreneurs who attend our virtual events as well.

The bottom line is simple, if you have a product and or service to market and sell, you will benefit from the training offered by Quality Media Consultant Group and our Chief Strategy Officer, Lori A. Manns.

Why should you attend QMC Group’s events?

In a word, transformation. Attending any one of our events hosted by Dr. Lori A. Manns, will help to transform your life and business for the better. You will leave the event inspired, educated, empowered,  informed,  and equipped to go to the next level, whatever that means for you. Most importantly, some areas of your life or business will be transformed.


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