Company Overview

Quality Media Consultant Group LLC, (QMC Group) was established in 2009 to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and organizations expand their customer base, gain brand awareness and increase revenue.  A business optimization and  consultancy firm, Quality Media Consultant Group  provides powerful solutions in the areas of  advertising (media buying), marketing and sales coaching. Based in Atlanta, QMC Group is owned and operated by CEO, Lori A. Manns. Her philosophy is simple, provide the most creative and intelligent work along with exceptional and quality service.

10 good reasons to hire Quality Media Consultant Group

  1. You need help to develop a strategic marketing plan for  a) your business as a whole or b) to launch a new product or service but you are unsure of what to focus on first budget, strategy or tactics.
  2. You need a comprehensive media and advertising campaign led by a strategic media buyer to help you promote your products, services or events.
  3. You want a proven plan to help you grow your brand so you can get more exposure, cash-flow and better media opportunities.
  4. You’re doing a lot of random acts of marketing that do not produce consistent results for your business. You’re not sure what’s working and what’s not so it’s time you got focused on revenue goal achievement and the bottom line.
  5. You need to train your team on best practices for magnetic marketing and strategic yet soulful selling strategies.
  6. Your products and services don’t stand above the crowd  and you need to differentiate your offerings from your competitors by highlighting your unique brilliance and value.
  7. Sales are low or slow and it is time to create multiple streams of income for your business and/or develop stronger sales team.
  8. You are completely overwhelmed with marketing tasks, activities and responsibilities and you need systems, support and an action plan to get back on track.
  9. You need to develop compelling and unique content for your website, blog, social media profiles or proposals that convey the right message to your target audience.
  10. You need consulting,  training, in-house workshop, a keynote speaker or implementation support for your corporate department or small business… and you’re convinced it’s time to get help. More importantly, you feel in your gut that we’re the right group to help you.


Our mission is to provide the best advertising, marketing, and sales solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the globe to help them build and grow profitable businesses.


We want to inform, inspire and impact millions of small business owners to create awareness initiatives so they can reach their target audiences effectively and increase sales.



Lori A. Manns, President/CEO

Terri Holley, Director of Client Services & Administration

Patricia Beaman, Director of Account Management

LaTanya O’Kelly, Director of Public Relations & Communications

Malcolm Benson, Director of Information Technology & Web Services




Quality – We believe that providing high-level products and services should be the norm, not the exception. That’s why we pursue excellence in all that we do.

Trust – We value trust because we believe that it makes doing business easier and more enjoyable. We believe that every client is a partner and therefore we will endeavor to respect you and we expect the same in return.

Integrity – We believe that nothing is more important than your word and a great reputation. Behaving with the highest levels of integrity and conducting business with honor and respect is the essence of who we are.

We Are Open And Honest In Our Communication– We share information, insight, and business tips frequently that add value and provide resources that small business owners need.

Daring To Be Unique – We challenge and question the status quo and welcome innovation. We are not afraid to be different or try something new or suggest something new to our clients.

Deliver Delight Through Service – We believe that our clients are our top priority.  To delight, you must be different and willing to go the extra mile. And whatever you do, you must be willing to spark an emotional reaction in the recipient. It is our goal to make our clients not only like us but love us and enjoy doing business with us.

Courage – People tend to question behavior, beliefs, and actions when it is inconsistent with your core values. You are unapologetic in your authenticity. We will speak up for the best interest of our company, our community, and society at large. And whenever someone is being marginalized, we will not sit quietly, we will speak up.

Wealth – We value the accumulation of wealth because we are not just in business to make money but build generational wealth and leave something behind.

A partial list of current and former clients

Our clients range from entrepreneurs, small business owners, colleges, government entities to corporations.

Let’s get started! Visit the contact us page and leave your information or simply call (404) 432-0444 to connect.