Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the game in business. Research shows that AI is poised to significantly impact how business is done across the globe, particularly in the US.  According to a report by US tech company, PwC, AI will impact how companies increase revenue, handle daily operations, engage with customers and employees, and more.

Although this article is about the risks associated with using AI to build your website copy, there are also advantages. A few advantages include: streamlining your SEO efforts and Answering user’s questions faster.

The fact is AI trends are sure to determine the state of technology, business and society in the next several years. In the business world, the majority of businesses are in favor of adopting AI into their practices. According to a Forbes survey, 64% of businesses expect AI to increase productivity.  Other statistics from this Forbes survey suggest that 65% of consumers say they’ll still trust businesses who use AI.

Despite the surveys and trends, there are glaring disadvantages and risks for using AI as the primary tool to generate messaging for your website.

When it comes to positioning your company, brand or organization, it’s important to use the kind of language that connects with your audience. Generating your marketing and advertising copy, especially on your website should not be tasked to a non-human. The fact is, people will be reading your website, not robots. People will be your customers, not robots.  Therefore, it is essential to have a human-like element to the messages you are trying to convey to your target audience.  Additionally, according to Retail Dive, 70% of consumers still want human interaction versus bots when it comes to customer service.  Considering the fact that people must visit your website to make an online purchase, you don’t want to turn them off with an excessive number of bots.

Listed below are 4 possible disadvantages or risks that could potentially cause harm to your company if you rely on AI to write your website copy a.k.a. your brand messaging.

  1. Costly Mistakes & Errors
Errors and mistakes can cause major damage to a company’s brand image and infrastructure and therefore harm its reputation and revenue.
If a company relies on AI for coding and programming its website, there is a chance that a simple mistake could result in your entire website going down. For ecommerce companies that rely heavily on Internet sales, this could prove to be costly and cause irreparable damage.
Additionally, tools like Chat GPT are limited in its delivery. Open AI the company that created Chat GPT has been very open about the fact that Chat GPT doesn’t know about current events, and it can also spread misleading information.
  1. Risk of Data Security and Cyber attacks
Sadly, cyber-attacks and data breaches are a part of our daily lives and have become far too common. Online hackers seem to get more sophisticated as time goes by. They constantly look for ways to attack major brands and corporations with malware and viruses. You see it on the nightly news all of the time about various companies experiencing malware attacks and admitting that their customers’ data has been compromised.  The fact is, a cybercriminal studies how to restrict the capabilities of a company’s AI systems to penetrate their network, website and any other programs so they can access sensitive information.
There are two things companies using AI for their websites must do. 1) Use a robust antivirus malware protection consistently and 2) Update their AI system with the most recent algorithms.

When using Artificial Intelligence for website copy, do the pro’s outweigh the con’s? Here are more risks for your review.

  1. The Challenge of Intellectual Property Protection
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is having a profound impact on intellectual property law.  Although AI can imitate human creativity, it is not human and lacks the inherent ability of ethics and sensitivity on certain topics.  When it comes to creating the content to market to your target audience via your company website, copyright infringement and content ownership must be a part of the discussion.

In the US, courts are now trying to establish how intellectual property should be applied to generative AI. In the last year, there have already been cases filed in US courts.  Companies must protect themselves from copyright infringement and the risk of litigation resulting from improper usage of licensed content.

  1. Lack of Human Touch and Connection.
Have you ever landed on a website, and you couldn’t figure out who the website was intended to attract? Perhaps the website copy didn’t resonate with you, so you simply clicked away and went searching elsewhere. This type of scenario is what you may be risking by utilizing AI to write your website copy. According to McKinsey,  71% of consumers expect brands to personalize interactions. Moreover, 76% grow frustrated if this doesn’t occur. Considering this research, personalization is a necessity if you want your business to grow. The fact is, AI can mimic human beings but is not human. Your team/staff, which is comprised of human beings can offer personalization that AI simply can’t match at this point.
In summary, the main concern for using AI for your website copy is overusing AI, may cause your staff to rely on it heavily. As a result, your website may miss the mark with your target audience and lack human touch. The goal for any website is to make your business shine and stand out so you can attract new leads and customers. Not only that, but you also want your website to help you gain brand visibility and increase revenue. Therefore, in spite of the advantages of using AI, there are also inherent risks and disadvantages that you should be aware of as well.

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