The following private consulting program is offered to entrepreneurs and business owners who seek a highly targeted, customized and specialized approach to elevating their businesses.

So how do we work together to accelerate your business growth quickly? The “Ascension” VIP coaching experience is for the “let’s just get it done” entrepreneur who wants to see faster results. This VIP experience may be either,  private VIP 1:1 setting or a group VIP setting. All sessions are facilitated by Lori A. Manns. VIP private sessions are one on one and offered monthly. Group VIP sessions are Lori plus 5 to 7 entrepreneurs in a room for the day from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Group VIP sessions are only offered a few times per year, so JOIN the waiting list (below) to be notified about future sessions.

The VIP ‘Ascension’ one on one coaching experience is for the entrepreneur who is a “quick study” and wants faster results. Typically these business owners want to accelerate their business rapidly, receive private access and hands on training. This session is perfect for entrepreneurs and service based professionals who want to hit 6 figures, multiple 6 figures and even 7 figure businesses. You’re a full time business owner and you’ve already concluded that you are READY to take decisive action to make significant changes in your business to create the RESULTS you seek.

During this 1-Day,  One-on-One, Live training with me in the magnificent metropolis of  Atlanta you will be treated like the VIP that you are. If you are not in the Atlanta area, this VIP experience is also offered virtually via video/telephone conference.  Together we will help you to craft your  business road map and you will leave knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. I will walk you through my proven step-by-step system to help you MASTER YOUR MARKETING.

The VIP coaching sessions are NOT a good fit for individuals who have not yet started a business or for those who are only working on their business part-time. If you are still collecting information about coaches, mentors and consultants just to gather notes, compare prices and such but you have not made the decision to hire a professional to get the help you need, this session may not be for you. The main reason being is that you may not be committed to taking the action required to elevate your business. There is no magic bullet and no consultant, coach or mentor can do the work for you. Finally, although these sessions are fairly priced, if you are experiencing severe financial hardship at this time, a VIP session may not be the right tool for you.

My private VIP consulting days are designed especially for those who want private access to me so that they can receive advice, strategy and  magnetic marketing  poured together in one intensive day uniquely designed to meet their needs. Perhaps the type of  work that you do requires confidentiality and the need for individual attention is priority to advance your business to the next level. I will dedicate an entire day with you outlining in specific detail:

  • My 5 step process to attract a steady flow of new clients in the next 45 days
  • A strategy outlining the next level of your business growth
  • An overview defining your brand, core marketing message
  • Defining your ideal client and buyers who are hungry for what you sell
  • Tweaking or repackaging your products and services for optimal sales
  • Positioning yourself as the expert in your niche or industry
  • Ways to uncover hidden profit areas in your business
  • And revealing marketing strategies that create effective systems and leverage your time so that you  make more money & SO MUCH MORE!

This day is about strategic planning and laser focusing on what is most pressing in your business to help you achieve your goals in less time than it would take on your own. I will help you identify and address any challenges you may be experiencing that are preventing your business growth so that we can clearly define your road map for success.

  • Complete Business Needs Analysis; an in-depth assessment of the state of your business currently
  • Customized consulting for the entire business day including lunch
  • One :30 minute post strategy call within 30 days after your VIP day
  • 30 Day unlimited email access post your VIP day
  • One night hotel stay if you’re traveling in the city (optional travel surcharge will apply)

Spending  a full day with me is like getting access behind the velvet rope! We will be exploring the highest vision for your business. I recommend that you invest in your future now and start imagining how your business, your income and your  life will be forever changed in a positive and brilliant way.

Before we get started, I need to know about you and your business. This program is by APPLICATION ONLY.  To receive your application, please fill out the form below and share a little about your business. You will then receive the application. Once you’ve completed the application, we will schedule your complimentary discovery session to determine if VIP Ascension consulting is right for you.

In the private VIP coaching program days, we use a combination of a personal assessment, 1-on-1 coaching, plus follow up accountability, to have you get the maximum results from your decision to invest in fast track coaching support.

No Risk Application

Yes Lori, I’m ready! I would love to take the guesswork out of marketing my business (and stop floundering in marketing purgatory) so I can solve my biggest marketing and/or sales challenges once and for all. Thank you for including dozens of bonus tips, exercises, forms, and checklists to help me put this information into action within just the first 48 hours.

  • I understand the program includes your time-tested step-by-step guide to turn my 1:1 services into lucrative packages (thank you!).
  • I’m ready to start taking action now by applying for a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute private Ascension Discovery Session
  • I understand that, if the program is not a fit for me, there is absolutely no obligation to sign up.

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    Clients speak:

    I just wanted to let you know it’s working. Thank you for helping me to get out of my own way. After I implemented some of the marketing strategies we discussed in the VIP Ascension training, I received an invitation to be a speaker for a professional networking organization and got 7 new leads. Learning to share my story has been amazing. I’ve also gotten 4 new clients since I took your VIP Ascension class. Working with you Lori has been great, you’ve really helped me. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
    Joy Povenz, NW Action Georgia
    Working with Lori has been a blessing. She is brilliant at creating marketing plans and big picture results. Lori helped me to define my brand and my niche. After following Lori’s advice, I hosted my first event and not only did I get new CD sales but I also grew my mailing list by 25%. The best part is, I became more focused and finally had a system for marketing my business after following strategies she teaches. I value Lori’s supportive style of coaching which keeps me on track and accountable. If you want results, hire Lori.
    Antonia Lawrence, Fresh Rain Music
    Before our session together, I was in the process of trying to define my brand and clarify exactly what I did with and for my clients. After just one session with you I walked away with such clarity in myself and my message as to what I do, how I do it and what I can provide for my clients. If anyone has any doubts about themselves, what they have to offer and needs clarity in their message, they need you Lori as their coach!
    Chana Gilman, 13 Paradigms