4 Strategies to Sell More

///4 Strategies to Sell More



If I had to give a one sentence description about what sales really is, I’d say that sales is about building relationships. No matter what business you’re in, the sales process can be either long or short depending on numerous factors. However, there are a few factors that will help you to close more sales and move farther along in the sales process quickly, if handled properly. Below I’ve listed 4 critical factors that will assist you in closing the sale faster and more effectively.


  1. Clarify your message

Before you sell your product or service, you must describe it to the prospect in a way that makes them understand its value. Your unique sales proposition is at play here. As the seller, you should be able to clearly and succinctly define what you’re selling, how it is different than the competition and the value it holds for the consumer. Your message should get to the heart of the matter in a few words. The right message to the right audience will always result in a positive outcome. Your message must be so clear that the prospect is able to quickly determine if what you’re offering will meet their needs.


  1. Identify the pain-point

As you begin to converse with your prospect, it is important to analyze their problem and identify where their source of pain is.  Once you have identified the area of pain, that will lead you to the profit maximizing opportunity. People pay for solutions to problems and are willing to quickly address areas of pain or discomfort with a buying decision. That’s where your profit opportunity exists, as the seller.

It’s up to you to position your product or service as the solution for their needs. It is also up to you to ensure that you have enough profit included in the price of your offering. Once you have listed the advantages, features and benefits of your offering, if there’s a match, the prospect should be ready to buy unless there are objections that have not be addressed.


  1. Understand the real objection

There will be times in your business, where you will find the sales process will not be easy. The difficulty may be that the prospect has a myriad of objections. Sometimes objections will be spoken and other times they will be unspoken. In times where objections are spoken, you must let the prospect know you understand their concern and find ways to put their mind at ease. When there re upspoken objections, your job is simply to probe and ask more questions. Many times, people do not want to identify the real objections for why they are not ready to buy. In those scenarios, some people will offer excuses. However, asking more questions allows you to uncover the real objections and address them head on.


  1. Build trust

The most critical part of sales process is building trust. Everything is easier when trust is involved. Trust ensure both parties that the sales process will operate with respect and integrity. It is important for you the seller to gain credibility quickly with prospect so they feel comfortable. When you the seller, has gained the trust of the prospect, they are willing to freely share information that will give you buying clues. In addition, objections are easily revealed and most times, quickly overcome when trust is involved. However, when there is no trust or little trust, the entire process is more difficult and often, there will be no sale.


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