Implementing faith as a business practice takes courage to stand up for what you believe in no matter who agrees or disagrees. I’m at the point in my life and entrepreneurial journey where I am comfortable enough to say I am a God-fearing Christian woman and proud of it. No, that doesn’t mean that I am perfect or better than anyone else. It simply means that I have the courage to publicly proclaim my spiritual and Christian beliefs without apology.

There was a time when I  wasn’t so courageous as to blend my faith a.k.a. spiritual beliefs with business. There are many people who don’t think blending religion and business are appropriate. In some ways, I tend to agree. However, I do not focus on religion in anything I do.  For me, my faith is about spirituality and having a relationship with God.  I am aware that professing Christianity as a religious belief comes with positives and negatives. I’m cool with that.

Here’s why…

First of all, some people feel like others should believe the same as they do when it comes to religion, spirituality, and the like. I do not.

Secondly,  I don’t care what religion you practice. I’m more concerned with your character, values, and business acumen. If you happen to share my spiritual beliefs, great. If not, that’s fine too. I will respect your right to choose, and expect you to do the same.

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet…

You see choosing to blend business and faith for me came a few years after I had been in business and things had gotten rough. I faced some obstacles in my business that I just couldn’t figure out on my own. So I sought help. First, I had a conversation with God. Next, I hired a business coach.

As it turned out, the business coach I hired was spiritual and although she believed in God, in her consulting and training, when it came to faith principles, she would often refer to the universe and the “Supreme Being” rather than God. I needed more. I wanted to say, God is the Creator of the Universe. It wanted to clarify that I believe in God and because of that belief in Him, I have a foundation of faith to apply in my business. As a result of this acknowledgment, I came out of the “spiritual closet” and professed my faith in God publicly, loud and proud.

“Coming out of the spiritual closet is a personal choice but should also be a public declaration.” Dr. Lori A. Manns

If you are a believer and have ever wondered IF you should integrate your faith into business, here’s a sign that you should. Rather than worry about whom you will turn away, consider whom you will attract. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

Here are 5 advantages of professing your faith in business.

  1. Your business infrastructure is solid because it is defined by a moral and spiritual foundation.
  2. Having faith is an asset for you, your team and your business.
  3. You will attract like-minded people.
  4. You will be perceived as someone willing to take a stand for what you believe in, and that takes courage.
  5. You will get more out of your team because if they share  your beliefs, their first conviction to do a great job is to God, then you.

 Now you may be wondering, what are some of the best ways you can integrate faith in business?

Glad you asked.

Here are 5  Key Principles that I believe are helpful to blend your faith in business.🙏🏻

  1. Seek God for Guidance – You may have a vision for your business, but if you are a believer, God also has a vision for your business. When you ask for guidance, you will be divinely directed in what steps you should take as far as business plans are concerned. The important thing to remember is that you must invite God to be a part of your business. He doesn’t force Himself where He is not invited.
  2. Exercise Faith in Business Decisions – Faith is an act of the mind and a choice to believe in what you can’t see or explain. There have been times in my life and business when I had shaky faith and things didn’t work out. However, there have been times in my life and business when I had unwavering faith, and everything worked out very well. Allowing faith to influence your business decisions means that you do the best job that you can and believe the best. Making business decisions can be an arduous task. However, feeling total peace in the process is probably a welcomed disposition for most of us, and that is what faith provides, peace.
  3. Exemplify Good Values – When we demonstrate good values, we are showcasing what is important to us. Most Fortune 500 companies have their values displayed on their website. A value statement is indicative of the ethics and the principles with which that company operates. When you exhibit strong values, you gain respect and attract people who share the same values.
  4. Practice Moral Leadership – Being a moral leader simply means that your conduct is marked by integrity. Striving to behave in ways that are kind, professional, and moral should be paramount. As a believer, I am aware that not only does God hold me to a higher standard, but I hold myself to one also. Having standards in business these days is something that can help you to rise to the top very quickly.
  5. Serve Others With Authenticity – Servant Leadership is not discussed enough in the workplace or in business these days. Unfortunately, we live in a “me first” society, and many people are only looking out for themselves. However, when you serve people with authenticity, your only motive is to help them. Helping others without expecting anything in return is not only a Christian principle but is good karma.

As you can see from the principles described above, integrating faith in business is less about religion and more about simply being a solid, reputable, trustworthy business owner who believes in doing what’s right.

If you believe in God as I do, I’d like to offer a few scriptures that will reinforce the principles I have given you. Check out this post from my blog; “8 Scriptures to Empower Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.” I hope it blesses you.

Finally, as you go about conducting your day-to-day business responsibilities and tasks, remember God cares about you and everything that concerns you, including your business. And I’m a witness, doing business with God is better and sweeter every day and in every way.

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