Effective marketing is when marketing is the impetus for a company’s growth and development. Without marketing, a company is not able to achieve top-of-mind awareness with its target audience, and therefore sales will suffer. An effective marketing communications strategy involves having a customer-first mentality when it comes to outreach initiatives. Taking the time to understand the wants, needs, challenges, and pain points of the target audience and how your company can serve them is paramount to your marketing success. The key to effective marketing is to use language styles that resonate with the audience and more specifically the persona of the demographic you are targeting.

Listed below are 5 Language Types for Effective Marketing to Ensure Success.


A personalized style of language is when you communicate with the prospect in a way that feels personal and one-on-one.  This type of language involves referring to the prospect by name or using personal pronouns to refer to them. Any time you use a person’s name to communicate with them, it implies that there is a relationship and familiarity. Personalized language helps to create trust and engagement.

Use personal pronouns like you/your, he/her, and them in your communication will make the language feel more conversational and relatable.


A suggestive style of language is when you communicate with the prospect in a way that addresses their hopes and dreams. This type of language helps the prospect to see the possibility of a new circumstance in their life, career, business, or whatever the situation is.

Usage of words or phrases like “imagine this” or “picture this” forces the prospect to dream about an ideal scenario other than the one they are facing.


This type of language is designed to ruffle the feathers of the audience by addressing their fears, anxieties, and frustrations.  Agitation-based language is designed to elicit an emotional response. The goal is to show the target audience that whatever unfavorable circumstance they are currently experiencing is fixable.

The usage of words or phrases like “solution-oriented” or “proven”  are all words that will put the minds of the prospect at ease.


Value-Based language is just what the name implies from the standpoint of communicating the unique value of your product or service to the target audience in a way that helps them to eliminate your competitors and choose you. It is important in this type of language to focus on the benefits of your products and services and less on the features. Remember features don’t address a painpoint, but a benefit does.

The usage of words or phrases like “effective” or “customer favorite” are words that speak to the value placed on your offerings.


The actionable type of language involves giving the audience a prompt or trigger also known as a call-to-action. It is very likely that your prospect will not make a decision to buy unless you invite them to do so. Therefore, using actionable language creates urgency and encourages swift and immediate action from the prospect whether they are viewing or hearing your messages.

The usages of words or phrases like “act now”, “limited time offer” or “while supplies last” all indicate a sense of urgency and time constraints.

As you can see, there are several types of language that you can incorporate in your marketing messages that will prove to be more effective as you disseminate your marketing messages.

If you need help in getting your brand storytelling up to par and creating the kind of marketing messages that speak directly to your prospective customers in a way that converts them into paying clients, reach out to us.

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