Attention Business Owner

Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you struggle to get a steady flow of clients?
  • Do you wish you could generate more steady leads?
  • Are you tired of feeling like the best kept secret in your industry?
  • Are you unsure of how to close the sale authentically with passion?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the responsibilities of all there is to do?

Imagine that…

  • You have a steady flow of ideal clients and never guess about where to get new leads again;
  • You know exactly how to grow sales, close sales and elevate your income;
  • Your brand is well known and respected in your niche or  industry;
  • You have a growth strategy and a winning plan for success.

Jump on the phone with me and you are one step closer to having business you enjoy that brings you profits.

Let’s Strategize! This 90 minute session will help you define and hone your ‘marketing passion’, get unstuck and position you to generate more revenue in less time!

Business Empowerment Strategy Session TM ~This is a powerful session is packed with golden nuggets…  where you and Lori clarify what’s next for your business as well as ANY MAJOR CHALLENGES that have been holding you back. It’s a dynamic and powerful consultation to quickly focus on the flow of your business development, your unique talents, programs, products, and marketing strategies.It doesn’t have to be so hard. Why pull your hair out when you don’t have to? You’ll leave this session feeling more clear,  focused and confident about the next steps to enter the spotlight with your business in a way that pushes you to play a bigger game while feeling  congruent, confident and empowered!Expect,  IDEAS, STRATEGY and TOOLS to move you forward, held via telephone (recording options available). DON’T DELAY!  There are a limited number of sessions available per month.

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Not quite sure if you’re ready to dive right into a strategy session?  Jump on the phone with Lori for a free 20 minute introductory call.

This is a quick call to serve as our formal but informal introduction. Sign up for a free :20 minute telephone session now to learn ways that Lori can infuse marketing “know how” and sales “brilliance” into your business. Just complete the quick form below,  and you will be contacted with possible times for a  “discovery session”  call with Lori.  On this call, Lori will guide you toward your marketing passion and help you identify what’s hindering your success as well as help you identify “compelling marketing magnetic” language to attract all the new clients you need.

This consultation is designed to help you identify your key challenges and obstacles hindering your success and  provide you with general advertising, marketing or sales tips to help you leap forward. This is NOT a strategy session. On this call, you will gain insight as to how our coaching services may assist your business growth as well as obtain meaningful resources to point you in the right direction. Complete the contact form below, you be contacted in 48 hours with available appointment times within the next month.

(Limited number of introductory calls offered per month.)


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